FEASTival of Flavours – 50+ food trucks!

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The FEASTival of Flavours is a festival within a festival with 40+ of the region’s best food trucks participating.  Choosing between tacos, dumplings, curries, bbq meat, perogies, noodles and poutine may prove to be your biggest challenge of the day.  Wash down your meal with fresh lemonade, but save room for sugar coated waffles for dessert. Nom nom nom….


Arturo’s To Go

[Spanish & Mexican]

To prepare his menu fresh everyday, Arturo hand picks Vancouver’s finest ingredients. Delicious hormone free meats are lovingly flavoured to perfection. Quality peppers and fresh herbs blend daily into salsas that make your palate sing. Fresh avocados are used to make from scratch Arturo’s signature guacamole. The menu is simple and streamlined to assure you the highest quality and fastest service.


Beljam's Waffles


A Lower Mainland based food truck specializing in savory and sweet waffle creations.

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Big Red's Poutine


Big Red’s Poutine serves a variety poutine, all of which have real Cheddar cheese curds and fresh cut fries. The sauces/gravy is also hand made!

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Bobbies Food Truck

[East Indian]

Bobbie’s blends authentic flavours from Bobbie’s family recipes with Western and Eastern food concepts to bring Vancouver the first “ma and pa” style food truck featuring East Indian fusion food.


Cannoli King


Cannoli King Vancouver has been locally handcrafting Sicilian Cannoli for over 35 years. We make everything from scratch, from our dough to the fillings.

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Cart Vending

What is a Tube Steak you ask?
A Tube Steak is the best hot dog you ever had!




There’s a reason our menu title is The Chickpea Experience. Coming to see our truck is an experience within itself, we sell delicious vegetarian comfort food with a Mediterranean twist. Also, most of our ingredients are organic and all of our dishes can be made gluten-free/vegan. The music is bumping, the food is delicious and will get you hooked after the first bite

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Cravings Kettle Corn


Small batch popcorn popped in the kettle with sugar and seasoned with salt. As the kernels heat up we add some sugar to melt right into the popcorn as it pops.  This gives the popcorn that crunchy light coating that you crave. A little bit of salt is added to the batch to give it that perfect Sweet & Salty taste!


Cup A Corn


Unveiling the supreme quality of fresh non-cut corn kernels in a cup. Our kernels are flavoured by the finest ingredients and fresh herbs that are sourced locally, and infused into margarine to bring you the highest quality of deliciously yummy tasting corn.!!
Treat yourself to a tasty snack that’s sweet, salty and oh-so healthy!


Curry Express


For every menu item Curry Express only puts in the freshest ingredients curated by our finest chefs. Our restaurants only using the best ingredients that are hand picked and brought to life with our magnificent sauces. We also have vegan/gluten free options. Also, our food is additive and preservative free. We source only the best for our customers to bring satisfaction each and every time.

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D Original Sausage Haus

D Original Sausage Haus offers artisan sausages crafted by a fifth-generation master sausage maker. We’re proud to bring a taste of Europe to the Steveston community and to all online sausage connoisseurs. From hearty bratwurst to feisty chorizo, D Original Sausage Haus has something for every palate.

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Didi's Greek


While keeping the traditional flavours we’ve all grown to love, the inspiration behind Didi’s Greek comes from Didi and her passion for cooking, bringing family recipes and ideas together for an exciting new flare to Greek cuisine. Didi’s Greek is proud and committed in using free range/run food with plenty of Vegetarian and Vegan dishes to choose from.

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Dim Sum Express


From chow mein to dumplings, round up your friends and share a few dishes.



Dunn’s Famous


Myer Dunn founded Dunn’s Famous Restaurant in 1927. Due to his unique recipe and high quality standards, Dunn’s Famous quickly became a favorite among Montreal’s residents and visitors. Throughout the years, the one thing that has stayed the same is our commitment to offering authentic recipes made from the finest ingredients. “Real food, for Real people.”

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Gary’s Kettle Corn

Gary’s Kettle Corn has been popping high quality kettlecorn to attain the best possible results in the local farmer’s markets since 2005. Everywhere I pop people tell me it’s the best kettlecorn they’ve ever tasted.

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Icecane is a new ice cream experience combining the crunchy corn puff shell and soft ice cream, resulting in Crunchy and Soft dessert. In South Korea, corn puff ice cream is very popular and enjoyed by everyone of all ages.

It's All About the Grill

 “An absolute Richmond Night Market staple and a must try, are the selection of meat skewer offerings at the It’s All About Grill stand. The rib eye steak is particularly good. The meat is lean, flavoursome, juicy and grilled to perfection.”  — Jess Fleming via VanCity Buzz


Jamaican Mi Juicy

Our Jamaican Jerk Chicken Caesar Wrap will tantalize your taste buds, and our 100% natural smoothies are blended to perfection from such succulent fruits as mango, strawberry, pineapple and raspberry then sweetened with 100% cane sugar.

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J & J Concessions

Cotton Candy.

JJ's Hot Cobs


JJ’s Hot Cobs is a Vancouver based company that serves delicious roasted corn in the husk with a wide variety of condiments.

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Juicy Green Express [Taiwanese]

Parched on the Vancouver streets and looking for some quick and delicious fresh Lemonade? Not only does Juicy Green Express have you covered, but it can do you one better, with Bubble Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea, Slush, and even Fresh Fruit! The perfect refreshing treat!





Taste Of Malaysia is a family business. Our grandmother used to always cook us meals with immense love and care.  We promote health and our culture one delicious plate at a time.

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Lemon Heaven


“Only the good lemons make it into Lemon Heaven.”


Melt City Grilled Cheese

[North American]

Devoted to gooey melted cheese, the Melt City food truck serves up a range of scrumptious sandwiches.

Sometimes life just calls for some good old home-style comfort food. And when it does, what could be more comforting than a grilled cheese sandwich? Deliciously melty cheese pressed between two slices of buttered bread is heavenly.


McGuire’s Patty Wagon

Classic burgers, dogs, poutine and more served up by our amazing family crew who go the extra mile for our customers.


Miss Siam


Miss Siam offers your favourite Thai street eats from Thailand’s spicy south.

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Mr. Frosty

Ice cream and frozen desserts to keep you cool on a hot festival day.

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Mo Bacon

Bacon Sandwiches, Pulled Pork & Chipotle Chicken.


Mr G Donairs

[Middle East]

A Middle Eastern style cooking. Your selection of meat is topped with Tzatziki and wrapped in a pita.

Old Country Pierogi


State of the art food trailer operating in Metro Vancouver serving authentic Polish food including homemade pierogi, regular & gluten free.

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The Original Hurricane Potato

The Original Hurricane Potato – Delicious, crispy, perfect snack for all ages!  Gluten free and Vegetarian~ Make it your own with choice of 10 different flavouring and sauces!

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Porky’s famous treat is the original Berliner sausage. A German fine bratwurst without casing, served with a signature sauce. Our BBQ pulled pork is cooked to perfection with our special seasoning, a mouthwatering experience which creates taste bud explosions.



Reel Mac and Cheese

While macaroni and cheese itself is slightly retro we have given it a modern twist with menu offerings such as Slumdog Millionaire that includes curry paste and peas and The Breakfast Club which is our classic mac Gourmet macaroni and cheese made fresh on the truck with seven Canadian made cheeses!  Enjoy any one of our movie themed menu choices like The Green Mile – classic gourmet mac and cheese topped with freshly cooked broccoli florets and crispy onions or Godzilla – classic gourmet mac and cheese topped with snack nori, teriyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise, or Some Like it Hot, Meat the Parents or how about Jurassic Pork.

Check out our website for more tasty selections.

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Rocky Point Ice Cream

Handcrafted and freshly-made in Port Moody; the creative flavours and creamy textures will put a smile on your face. Bet you can’t have just one!

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Sierra Coffee

Sierra Coffee offers gourmet hot or cold beverages at any location. Using organic beans we have crafted our menu to offer a full coffee shop menu. Espresso drinks, brewed coffee and teas, as well as refreshing iced beverages are just to name a few. Our ice mocha and ice cappuccinos are our popular blended drinks topped with whip cream and Caramel drizzle.

Slavic Rolls

Slavic Rolls are traditional Eastern European desserts made from sweet yeast dough. The pastry dough is wrapped around a wooden cylinder…and rolled in cinnamon and sugar before being baked in a rotisserie oven. The sugars caramelize as it bakes and after they are rolled in your choice of toppings (coconut, sprinkles, or almonds etc). The inside is spread with your choice of fillings (fruit fillings/jams, Nutella, etc.), but the favourite is Corrine’s rich and indulgent homemade Bavarian cream. One whiff of these freshly baked pastries will make you want to curl up to one.

“Slavic Rolls offers a great tasting pastry, made fresh in front of customers from a company that doesn’t believe healthy food has to taste bad or be boring.”

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Stolovaya Catering


In Russia, ‘Stolovaya’ roughly translates to ‘dining room’. It is usually followed by a number (ie: Stolovaya #5) designating which Stolovaya it is. There are many foods available from salads to meats to baking and fruit. Our recipes are Russian and when possible, we use the same ingredients you would find at a Russian Stolovaya.

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Super Thai Food


Amazing Thai food to awaken your taste buds! Pad Thai, Chicken Cashew Nut, Pad Ka Pow, Thai curry, Tom Yum Soup, Papaya salad, and Thai Ice Tea.

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Taste of Heaven

Gourmet Sausages.

Taste of Heaven is a social enterprise from Night Shift Street Ministries, a non-profit organization in Surrey that feeds love, hope, purpose and nightly meals to people who are stuck in some of life’s most difficult situations – poverty, addiction, mental illness, homelessness and loneliness. Every meal purchased at Taste of Heaven supports NightShift’s nightly outreach and daily continuing care services for these special friends.

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This Little Piggy


Delicious street food with a Portuguese twist! This Little Piggy is bringing everything from taquitos and nachos to a tasty surf ‘n’ turf sandwich or a hearty beef stew to the YVR streets. While some menu options only stick around a short time, they’re all guaranteed to be delicious, so find your next favourite at TLP!

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Tin Lizzy: Mini Donuts, Melt Town, & Phat Dogs

Tin Lizzy incorporated in 1995, is one of Canada’s Largest special events Concession companies. In our fleet of food trailers/trucks we have 10 different professionally built units to provide the best selection of quality and quick food.

Tin Lizzy has been featured on various TV Shows, television, radio stations and newspapers, and are always brainstorming to come up with the next big chef inspired food item. Such inspired creations include a Red Velvet Mini Donuts with Cream Cheese Glazing, A French Fries coated corn dog (porcupine corn dog) our homemade flavoured ketchups.

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White Spot/Triple O's [BC]

Since launching our 30-foot mobile restaurant, we can now bring the great taste of Triple O’s to you and your guests.  Our menu can be customized for you including a selection of our famous burgers, fries, hand-scooped milkshakes and more. The Triple O’s catering truck is a fun and delicious alternative to traditional catering for any type of event ranging from corporate events, holiday parties, school fairs and even weddings.

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