Verbal Jint

Kim Jin-tae ( born December 19, 1980), better known by his stage name Verbal Jint (Korean: 버벌 진트), is an influential South Korean rapper and record producer under Brand New Music.
Verbal Jint is notable for his groundbreaking innovations in Korean hip hop rap rhyme-work. He is also one of the few musicians from the underground hip hop scene to have also achieved crossover mainstream success in a market saturated with K-pop.

Before Verbal Jint’s official debut in 2001, Korean hip hop lacked a fundamental component of rap, the rhyming. Verbal Jint later said in an interview with the Korea Times, “People who came before us didn’t have much interest in rhyming; artists before us were satisfied with talking fast and thinking that it was rapping — and that sold then.” Verbal Jint’s debut mini-album, Modern Rhymes, introduced new innovations in achieving the grammatical accuracy needed to arrange Korean successfully into rhymes. He was the first to create actual rhyme schemes in Korean and his method is now the standard for Korean rapping within the hip hop scene. The rhyme work and flow of his music have been considered revolutionary within the Korean music industry as they have rapidly changed the construction of Korean hip hop music and thus its style and lyrical qualities

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  • YVR Main Stage

    Friday 8:30 PM - 9:45 PM


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