Your Kontinent Digital Carnival

Presented by Cinevolution Media Arts Society & Community Partner with LocoMotoArt


IT’S BACK! An absolute favourite of Cinevolution’s signature Your Kontinent Festival, Digital Carnival will light up the night at the inaugural Richmond World Festival.  This exciting multimedia light show summer celebration is a perfect cocktail of art, nature and technology.

Experience Richmond in a different light at this one of a kind event!  To get real time updates on the line-up of artists, go to our facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

SHOWTIME:  7:00pm – 9:00pm in the Global Village



David Leith

David Leith is a multi-disciplinary artist with an extensive background in media, sound art and music, including recording and performing. His work has been exhibited in Canada, Korea, and Sweden. His sound art and music has been performed at festivals and in collaboration with various artist projects. Leith is currently Senior Instructor at Vancouver Film School.

OLD STREAM is a audio-visual installation that imagines the soundscape of (an) old stream(s) that flowed near nearly 100 years ago throughout many parts of the Vancouver landscape. The audio composition will be seen along with the imagery of microscopic growth of a fish egg/embryo.

Glen Andersen

I am a Richmond artist working in many media, from public sculpture, to photography and video, to tile and pebble mosaic -pixels large and small, virtual or geo-logical. This opportunity allows me to break away from my “day job” of designing and coordinating public art projects and to do something utterly unrelated to making money. I am glad to be contributing to Cinevolution’s wonderful programming vision.

For a few decades I’ve wanted to produce a programmable video suit. Short of going fully holographic, the technology for that must almost exist, but for now, this simple piece could be imagined as a stationary prototype, wherein the 3-D body is an experimental blank canvas for shifting imagery. We are more than our clothing. I am intrigued by the inevitable visual distortions and the added layer of poetic interplay between subject and format that conventional video presentation just doesn’t allow for. Though video bodies are now common on flat screens, I think it is another matter to meet one, in the “flesh”. Just like picture frames don’t need to be square, screens don’t need to be flat. Clothes don’t have to be static, but instead can be static electricity!

Thanks to Marina Szijarto and Henry Jesionka for contributing to this idea.


“A light bulb creates an environment by its mere presence.” ~ Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media
K8L35 are Kate MacDonald and Les Sears, multidisciplinary Vancouver-based artists and long-time friends, originally from New Brunswick. They have exhibited internationally in a variety of media, and their collaboration and studio partnership, borne of intersecting interests in new media, mediums, and street art, began in 2013.

Their exterior video art installation celebrates street art, graffiti and the ephemeral nature of light. Projecting both live and looping light graffiti, their electronic work examines the intersections of light, public spaces and street art. Technological advances in the last decade have opened up the possibilities for creative engagement in public art and the use of public spaces.

While ephemeral, the performance of mark making or “tagging” through projection is heightened by its medium; light is cast on its subject. Meaning is revealed in the midst of darkness. Smart phones and open source technology (made available by international groups such as Graffiti Research Lab and The Illuminator) have combined to produce new opportunities for urban communication and dissent. In combination, they promote active engagement and surprise, reinventing perceptions of the role of the artist, graffiti, and alternative uses of public space.

As well as utilizing predesigned tags, Kate and Les invite your graffiti requests – hashtag #digitalcarnival from your social media account – or join them to write on the wall yourself!

Marina Szijarto

Marina Szijarto is a professional visual, celebration and installation artist with a diverse and interdisciplinary arts practice. Marina works with community engaged rites and celebrations, theatre, dance, performance, public and visual art. Much of her work is site specific, being created for, and with, a particular landscape, community or season.

She is a member of the Art Is Land Network (AILN), an artist collective whose shared connection is the use of natural and repurposed materials to engage with the landscape.

Marina is presently creating the Harvest Full Moon project as Artist in Residence for the City Centre Community Centre in Richmond – for details on becoming involved this September see

Marina is Art and Technical Director at Vancouver’s Mountain View Cemetery annual All Souls event, and the Creative Director of both the Richmond’s Maritime Festival and of A Midsummer Fete, a celebration of art, environment and organic farming.

Within the Vancouver professional theatre community Marina has received two Jessie Richardson Awards, plus seven nominations, for outstanding costume design, set design and mask/puppet design. Her next theatre design ‘gig’ will be designing costumes for the East Van Panto with Theatre Replacement in December.

Marina is a Richmond resident with an arts studio in East Vancouver.

prOphecy sun

prOphecy sun’s interdisciplinary performance practice treads together both conscious and unconscious choreographies, sound, and environment, to create exploratory works that invoke deep body memory and draw from an interior landscape of dreams.

She is a recent graduate from the MAA Visual Arts program at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2015 with D. Maria Lantin and is the recipient of the Governor General’s Gold Award. She begins a PhD this fall with MovingStories in the School of Interactive Arts + Technology at Simon Fraser University with Dr. Thecla Schiphorst. She is based in Vancouver and is a founding member of Dance Troupe Practice (a movement based performance collective) and current resident at the Pandora Park Fieldhouse.

Her experimental performances, sound compositions, installations, videos and collaborations have been exhibited in such events as ISEA 2015, DIS 2014, FUSE at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver International Jazz Festival, International Experimental Cinema Explosion (USA), Your Kontinent Festival: Art in Containers (Richmond), Festival des Musiques Creation (QB), Live- Performance Art Bienalle, Soundasaurus Media Arts Festival (AB), Signal and Noise Media Festival, Exploding Cinema (UK), Square Waves Festival (UK), Dancing on the Edge Festival, Month of Performance Art (Berlin), 12 Min Max, and Low Lives 4 International Festival of Live Networked Performances.

Laura Lee Coles & Robert Scharein

Artists Laura Lee Coles and Rob Scharein of LocoMotoArt share Moments of Happiness via a computer generative interactive kaleidoscope.  This work provides viewers a participatory and experiential sense of spatial embodiment.  Launched as a community engaged art-project for the United Nation’s International Day of Happiness on March 20, 2015, Moments of Happiness is motivated with the intent to offset the negative feelings people receive from the stress of modern life by offering them a moment to play, smile and laugh together.  The computer records the kaleidoscopic collages made by people as they move in a designated play space, which the artists refer to as “materialized happiness”.

As a former Astrophysicist, Rob is keenly interested in the interplay between Science and Art. He
 is a developer of high performance graphics software that draws from the beauty of Nature to create engaging interactive art pieces. He is 
also a developer of software for Mathematical
and Scientific Visualization. Rob often assists and collaborates with artists in creating interactive and computer generative art and theatre works. Rob holds a MSc. in Astrophysics and Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia.

Laura Lee Coles is the founder and lead administrator of the digital eco-arts group LocoMotoArt, currently artists-in-residence at
the historic Aberthau Mansion via the Vancouver Park Board’s Arts, Culture and Engagement studio program (2013-2016). She holds a Master of Arts from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University. Laura is a researcher and multidisciplinary artist whose interests
include human, technology and nature interaction, and the re-visioning of public space. As an exhibiting artist, her practice includes: photography, video installation (interactive, contemplative and site specific), and naturalist collage. She has exhibited in Canada, Europe and the United States and is a published author presenting her
research internationally.,

Victoria Gibson

Victoria Gibson is an Integrated Media Artist blending sound + light + motion to create amazing art experiences. Creating magic using advanced techniques to spark curiosity with lively subject matter and involve audiences with interactive technology such as gesture control. She makes complex and experimental works that emerge from the nexus of art and technology, but remain accessible and fun.

Victoria is very concerned about social issues and the environment, causes that have inspired much of her work. Capturing the passage of time in a artistic expression that references historical influences on the present using personal theatre or soundwalks, and publishing interactive, non-linear narrative are areas she is currently exploring. Gibson holds a BA in music from the University of British Columbia and is a resident of Vancouver, BC.

Bandwidth:Interactive Installation
Play with your art! Enjoy an interactive experience as you dance an abstract image to the music with a wave of your hand. Bandwidth encourages audience members to choose an object avatar on one of the three screens and dance with the original music using gesture control. Inspired by the work of Canadian Norman McLaren, Victoria creates interactive visual music. Art should be fun!

share a tweet  Sound and visual installation
Enjoy sharing a tweet with friends! Interact with videos of urban birds and listen to their sounds. Participate by using gesture to control the speed of bird video so you can see the details of their actions or have fun with video mixing. Become more aware of the birds that surround you everyday as you share a tweet with friends.

Thanks to Jude Abrams of Otter Be Good Productions for contributing some of the bird videos.


Wynne Palmer

Phantom Limbs is an in situ eco-art light installation presented in a ghostly ‘tableaux vivant’.  An outdoor setting will be the stage for a ‘scene’ involving theatrical lighting, questioning nature’s ability to communicate and sense aura, spirit and corporality, within nature’s communication system, of formerly living tree limbs.

Wynne Palmer is a Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist, curator, instructor and arts administrator. Her personal practice focuses on the liminal space where the natural and technological worlds converge, bringing into question issues of identity, concepts of location and the philosophy of language within a collective consciousness. She holds a BFA (Graphic Design and Photography) from University of Alberta, BFA Visual Art from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, and diplomas and certificates in communication design and business administration.

Wynne is currently a Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra (VETO) co-founder and member, Interdisciplinary Media Artist Association board member, assistant administrator for the digital eco-art group LocoMotoArt, and an instructor at VIVO Media Arts Centre.

Zoran Dragelj

Experimental or Video art is unique in its interdisciplinary nature; the use of recording and editing devices and computer code to create a composition of moving pictures and sound. It is a new cultural language – the convergence between “old-school” analog recording techniques and new digital media, in my practice used to investigate subjects inspired by modern life, such as in my recent work, Information Overload.

With their unique treatment and approach of the subject matter, I invite the viewer into an absorbing world that is both intimate and delirious, by using a variety of filmic techniques. I am always interested in the technical quality of craftsmanship of things I produce: aesthetic skill and physical beauty of a work’s details. Through my work I am interested in metaphor and interpretation of experiences.

I see art as being an expression of personal experiences – seemingly major or minor. It is my interpretation of a single or a combined group of experiences that informs my creative process. I aspire to be flexible. I do not consider my interpretation or memory to be any more accurate or true than anyone else’s, which is why I say “interpretation”. While the process is enjoyable, making video art is relevant to me because of the freedom of expression it allows me, while also creating a piece that others will emotionally identify with.

Also I am pondering how our culture of digital and social sharing has narrowed the gap between “creators” and “patrons.” With widely available creation tools like Apple’s iMovie, Photoshop, and “democratic” means for distribution online via YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook, we’re now simultaneously makers and consumers of an never-before seen amount of content.

I would like to share that my films and videos are archived with Europeana, the European Union’s virtual library for the preservations of cultural heritage and as well with GAMA (Gateway to Archives of Media Art) network and TransMediale (Berlin) is archiving my films and videos for their permanent collection.

Zoran Dragelj is an award-winning auteur filmmaker, who possesses a unique postmodern voice and poetic style that recognizes the complexity of perspective, while respectfully maintaining the fundamental validity of emotional lives. His innovation of form and content, media and context, mark an exciting career in the motion pictures.

Zoran’s visual style is dreamy and idealistic enveloping his depiction of ordinary life into imaginative panoramas. With mélange of talent, graphic designer, artist, music video director, and film director, Zoran remains indefinable.

In the Fall 2005, Zoran presented his first major retrospective of his films and videos in Florence, Italy. In addition, some of his short films and videos have been exhibiting in New York, Toronto, Berlin, London, Madrid, Venice, Montréal and Vancouver galleries and art centres. Zoran remains dedicated to the aspiration of leaving his mark in the world of motion pictures and media arts.

Merlyn Chipman

Merlyn Chipman’s artwork spans live improvisational audio/video, print and Interactive installation art but he identifies himself as a “video feedback artist.” Video feedback is the phenomena that occurs when a video signal is passed from a video camera to a monitor while the camera and monitor are pointed at each other.

Merlyn has worked in diverse areas such as audio/visual event production, hypnotherapy and software design.  In 2014, Merlyn teamed up with computer programmer Rob Scharein to create Meta Mirrors ©.  Software they designed to create dynamic kaleidoscopic arrays.  Merlyn’s recent works apply his “old school” analog video feedback and sounds with this new software to create endlessly changing, interactive psychedelic landscapes that seem to have a life of their own, reacting to him and his audience in unpredictable ways.




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