Global Village

A series of cultural exhibits. More to be announced in the coming weeks!


Art for Rhinos

Help to conserve the last of the great Northern White Rhinos by spreading awareness of their impending extinction with artwork. Largely fueled by the illegal ivory trade, and the belief that rhino horns can be used to cure certain ailments, rhino poaching has all but destroyed the Northern White Rhino.

A series of freestyle Chinese paintings depicting the last five Northern White Rhinos will be on display along with their unique stories. Come and paint your own Rhino with the help of professional artist Ming Yeung! Use one of our 6 stencils or try your hand at freestyle Chinese painting.

Harvest Full Moon Project

Take part in an arts-and environment-based project with artist Marina Szijarto to collectively prepare for and create a participatory community gathering in celebration of the Harvest Full Moon, a time of year to share our connections, good fortunes and harvest blessings.


Bringing the unique culture of Cantonese Opera to the Richmond World Festival, the Vancouver Cantonese Opera will be bringing:

1) Costumes Display – display of costumes for different characters. A Vancouver
Cantonese Opera performer will be available to provide information on the history and characteristic of the costumes
2) Signature Chinese opera makeup demonstration – Unique aesthetic values are shown in the beautiful make-up and colorful costumes of Chinese opera actors. This session introduces and demonstrates to the audience the make-up of huandan (female) and sheng (male). This will provide our audience a back-stage experience of witnessing the makeup process of a performer before the performance.
3) Demonstration of basic performance techniques – Stylized movements are one of the four essential elements in Cantonese opera. As the saying goes “one minute on the stage takes ten years’ hard work off stage”, the splendid performances of the actors on stage are not the work of one single day. In this session, Cantonese opera actors will demonstrate Ma Dang Zi (a set of actions with horsewhip) and watersleeves as to enhance their appreciation of the art of Cantonese opera.
4) Parent-child Interactive Activities – Two parent-child interactive activities are organized with the themes Horse Riding and Water Sleeves. Participating and guardians will act as the leading young actor and the groom, or the young lady and her maid, under the guidance of the host. These enjoyable activities offer a wonderful opportunity for children and guardians to learn about Cantonese opera together by taking the roles of historical figures to explore the world of
traditional arts.
5) Arts & craft Activities  – There will be origami, colouring, arts and craft activities for children to participate during the day.


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