Culinary Stage


Watch the region’s top chefs cook a signature dish in an intimate and interactive setting with a focus on locally sourced food and a fusion theme. Mouths will water!

Here are three of the seven chefs that will be cooking on the culinary stage. More to be announced soon.


Chef Tammy Wood

If there’s one thing “MasterChef Canada” home cook Tammy Wood has under her belt, it’s time management. As a widowed mother of six, she is already a master of getting large quantities of food out in short periods of time.  Though Tammy will be relying on the “MasterChef Canada” pantry while on the show, when she’s at home, she relies on her own backyard for food and inspiration. “I love fishing. I love being on the river and it’s good for the kids to bring four or five of them out with me. They help me gut the fish, we filet everything and we smoke some and can some and candy some of it.”

Chef Tony Luk

Chef Tony Luk apprenticed at the Banquet Hall of Hang Seng Bank Honk Kong in 1978 and served as chef officially at Banquet Hall of Nan Yang Commercial Bank Hong Kong since 1985. He settled in Vancouver in 1984 as the head chef at Grand Honour Restaurant. Chef Luk has continuous passion to preserve traditional Chinese flavors of dishes while creating innovative tasting experiences. Since 2004, he has become the executive chef of the Jade Seafood Restaurant which allows him to further optimize his culinary ideas and create several award winning signature dishes. Chef Luk is also the Chinese Chef of the Year 2011 of the Chinese Restaurant Awards.

Chef Trevor Randle

Chef Randle has been the Chef Instructor at Maple Ridge Secondary School since 2008. In his continued time there, he has made it his goal to introduce the young cooks under him and the entire school population to the culinary, local and global benefits of cooking seasonal and local.  Chef Randle has been appointed the title of Executive Chef of the Take a Bite of BC program and was most recently honored with the top chef award from the Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation for his vision and efforts in bridging the gaps between our classrooms and our local farmers.

Chef Robert Uy

Chef Robert Uy is the Executive Chef at the Westin Wall Centre.  Tony is very passionate about food & cooking and his approach to food is using locally sourced seasonal, wild, sustainable produce, seafood and using local farms.

Chef Danilo Ibarra

Born in Nicaragua, Chef Danilo spent most of his childhood in the capital city of Managua and Costa Rica. “Food is my life and cooking brings me complete joy”, says Danilo. Initially cooking in the West Coast culinary style, Chef Danilo broaden his cooking techniques and genre by mastering French cuisine. Once he completed his apprenticeship at The Hermitage Restaurant, his career blossomed. Throughout the years, Danilo has cooked at some of the most popular and successful restaurants in British Columbia, namely The Fish House, Horizons, Glowbal Grill and The Blue Canoe Waterfront Restaurant. Today, Danilo is Executive Chef at The American Grille At the Vancouver Airport Marriot Hotel.


Chef Amanda Kroetsch

As a celiac turned self-taught chef I know that dining out with friends and family can be a potentially dangerous hit-and-miss experience, much like walking through a field of hidden land mines.  Luckily, at the living Cafe, worries about where everyone can eat and what’s in the food are defused thanks to a mission statement focused on food transparency and variety.

We are a NO APOLOGY zone and our team is happy to answer and and all questions you may have regarding our menu & ingredients so that you can feel as relaxed as possible during your dining experience.


Chef Max Straczek

Chef Max Straczek is a chef from Fable Restaurant on West 4th in Vancouver. This is one of the most highly regarded restaurants in the region for concept, phenomenal food, gorgeously simplistic decor, and impeccable service by some seriously intelligent servers.


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